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[B4] Book title: Orthogonal Waveforms and Filter Banks for Future Communication Systems.



Editors: Markku Renfors, Xavier Mestre, Eleftherios Kofidis, and Faouzi Bader.
Editorial: ELSEVIER Academic Press (with peer reviewed process per chapter), Copyright © 2017. (with peer reviewed process per chapter). ISBN 978-0-12-810384-5.
Content Level: Research.
Number of Pages: 592.

Table of contents:
Part 1: Application drivers : New Waveforms for New Services in 5G, TVWS as an Emerging Application of Cognitive Radio, Broadband PMR/PPDR, Optical Communications.
Part 2: FBMC basics: Multirate Signal Processing and Filter Banks, Filter Banks for Software Defined Radio, Orthogonal Communication Waveforms, FBMC Design and Implementation.
Part 3: FBMC Signal Processing: FBMC Over Frequency Selective Channels, FBMC Synchronization Techniques, FBMC Channel Estimation Techniques, FBMC Channel Equalization Techniques.
Part 4: Multiantenna and multiuser techniques: MIMOFBMC Precoding and Beamforming, MIMOFBMC Receivers, SpaceTime Coding for FBMC, Distributed and Cooperative FBMC Systems, FBMC Multiple Access.
Part 5: Implementation: High Power Amplifier Effects and Peak to Average Power Ratio Mitigation, FBMC Implementation of a TVWS System, The EMPhAtiC Demonstrator of an FBMCbased PMR System: Design, Implementation and Results.


[B3] Book9783319017174 title: Cognitive Communication and Cooperative HetNet Coexistence-Recent Advances and Visions for the Future (book II).





Editors: Maria Gabriella Di Benedetto, Andrea Fabio Cattoni, Jocelyn Fiorina, Faouzi Bader, Luca De Nardis.
Editorial: Signals and Communication Technology Series of Springer International Publishing (SIP), Copyright © 2014. (with peer reviewed process per chapter). ISBN 978-3-319-01718-1.
Content Level: Research.
Number of Pages: 450. Table of contents:
New Types of Air Interface based on Filter Banks for Spectrum Sharing and Coexistence.- Cognitive Interference Alignment for Spectral Coexistence.- Cooperative Spectrum Sensing.- Medium Access Control Protocols in Cognitive Radio Networks.- Dynamic Channel Selection for Cognitive Femtocells.- Towards Cognitive Internet: an Evolutionary Vision.- Automatic best wireless network selection based on Key Performance Indicators.- Localization in Cognitive Radio Networks.- Challenges Towards a Cloud-RAN Realization.- A Regulatory Perspective on Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sharing.-Simulation of Cognitive Radio Networks in OMNeT++.- Designing a CR Test bed – Practical Issues.- Low-cost testbed development and its applications in cognitive radio prototyping.


[B2] Book titcognitive-communications-and-cooperative-hetnet-coexistencele: Cognitive Communication and Cooperative HetNet Coexistence-Selected Advances on Spectrum Sensing, Learning, and Security Approaches (book I).





Editors: Maria Gabriella Di Benedetto (Sapienza University of Rome-Italy) and Faouzi Bader (Supélec-France).
Editorial: Signals and Communication Technology Series of Springer International Publishing (SIP), Copyright  © 2014.  ISBN 978-3-319-01402-9. January 2014 (with peer reviewed process per chapter).
Content Level: Research.
Number of Pages: 365.

Table of contents:
Recent Advances on Wide-band Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio.- Complexity of Spectrum Activity and its effect on Opportunistic Access.- Analysis and Optimization of Energy Detection for Non-Flat Spectral Characteristics.-Spectrum Sensing Algorithms for Cognitive White-Space Systems.- New Blind Free Bands Detectors Exploiting Cyclic Autocorrelation Function Sparsity.- Intersystem Coexistence and Cooperation Through Cognitive Control Channels.- Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Censoring of Cognitive Radios in Rayleigh Fading Under Majority Logic Fusion.- Medium Access Control in Cognitive Impulse Radio UWB networks.- Integration of Heterogeneous
Spectrum Sensing Devices Towards Accurate REM Construction.- Cellular Coverage Optimization: A Radio Environment Map for Minimization of Drive Tests.- Use of L earning, Game Theory and Optimization as Biomimetic Approaches for Self-Organization in Macro-Femtocell Coexistence – Detection of Primary user Emulation (PUE) Attacks Based on Cooperative Localization.- Cognition as a tool for Green Next generation Networks.- Testbeds.



[B1] Book title: Advances on Processing for Multiple Carrier Schemes: OFDM & OFDMA






Editors: F. Bader and N. Zorba.
Editorial: Computer Science Series, Technology and Applications. Nova Science Publishers © 2012. ISBN: 978-1-61470-634-2.
Content Level: Research.

Table of contents:
Introduction to Wireless Multi-Carrier Schemes, Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Issues for Pulse-Shaped Multi-carrier Modulations, Synchronization in OFDM Based Systems, Channel Estimation, Channel Coding and Equalization, Adaptive Modulation and Predistortion Techniques Over Nonlinear Fading Channels, Scheduling and Resource
Allocation, MIMO-OFDM Applications for Satellite Communications, Medium Access Control Layer, Performance Evaluation of Mobile WiMAX System, 3GPP-Lte Cellular System.