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[B5] Cognitive Radio-Oriented Wireless Networks

14th EAI International Conference, CrownCom 2019, Poznan, Poland, June 11–12, 2019, Proceedings

  • Adrian Kliks,  Paweł Kryszkiewicz, Faouzi Bader, Dionysia Triantafyllopoulou, Carlos E. Caicedo, Aydin Sezgin, Nikos Dimitriou, Michał Sybis
Conference proceedings CrownCom 2019




This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Cognitive Radio-Oriented Wireless Networks, CROWNCOM 2019, held in Poznan, Poland, in June 2019. The 30 revised full papers were selected from 48 submissions and present a large scope of research topic also covering IoT in 5G and how cognitive mechanisms shall help leveraging access for numerous devices; mmWave and how specific propagation and operation in these bands bring new sharing mechanisms ; how resource allocation amongst bands (including offload mechanisms) shall be solved. The key focus will be on how rich data analysis can improve the delivery of above defined services.


5G, antennas, broadband networks, cognitive radio, communication computer networks, crowdsensing, mobile telecommunication systems, OFDM radio, radio environment maps, sensors, signal processing, spectrum discovery, telecommunication networks, telecommunication traffic, wireless networks, wireless telecommunication systems.





[B4] Book title: Orthogonal Waveforms and Filter Banks for Future Communication Systems.



Editors: Markku Renfors, Xavier Mestre, Eleftherios Kofidis, and Faouzi Bader.
Editorial: ELSEVIER Academic Press (with peer reviewed process per chapter), Copyright © 2017. (with peer reviewed process per chapter). ISBN 978-0-12-810384-5.
Content Level: Research.
Number of Pages: 592.

Table of contents:
Part 1: Application drivers : New Waveforms for New Services in 5G, TVWS as an Emerging Application of Cognitive Radio, Broadband PMR/PPDR, Optical Communications.
Part 2: FBMC basics: Multirate Signal Processing and Filter Banks, Filter Banks for Software Defined Radio, Orthogonal Communication Waveforms, FBMC Design and Implementation.
Part 3: FBMC Signal Processing: FBMC Over Frequency Selective Channels, FBMC Synchronization Techniques, FBMC Channel Estimation Techniques, FBMC Channel Equalization Techniques.
Part 4: Multiantenna and multiuser techniques: MIMOFBMC Precoding and Beamforming, MIMOFBMC Receivers, SpaceTime Coding for FBMC, Distributed and Cooperative FBMC Systems, FBMC Multiple Access.
Part 5: Implementation: High Power Amplifier Effects and Peak to Average Power Ratio Mitigation, FBMC Implementation of a TVWS System, The EMPhAtiC Demonstrator of an FBMCbased PMR System: Design, Implementation and Results.


[B3] Book9783319017174 title: Cognitive Communication and Cooperative HetNet Coexistence-Recent Advances and Visions for the Future (book II).





Editors: Maria Gabriella Di Benedetto, Andrea Fabio Cattoni, Jocelyn Fiorina, Faouzi Bader, Luca De Nardis.
Editorial: Signals and Communication Technology Series of Springer International Publishing (SIP), Copyright © 2014. (with peer reviewed process per chapter). ISBN 978-3-319-01718-1.
Content Level: Research.
Number of Pages: 450. Table of contents:
New Types of Air Interface based on Filter Banks for Spectrum Sharing and Coexistence.- Cognitive Interference Alignment for Spectral Coexistence.- Cooperative Spectrum Sensing.- Medium Access Control Protocols in Cognitive Radio Networks.- Dynamic Channel Selection for Cognitive Femtocells.- Towards Cognitive Internet: an Evolutionary Vision.- Automatic best wireless network selection based on Key Performance Indicators.- Localization in Cognitive Radio Networks.- Challenges Towards a Cloud-RAN Realization.- A Regulatory Perspective on Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sharing.-Simulation of Cognitive Radio Networks in OMNeT++.- Designing a CR Test bed – Practical Issues.- Low-cost testbed development and its applications in cognitive radio prototyping.


[B2] Book titcognitive-communications-and-cooperative-hetnet-coexistencele: Cognitive Communication and Cooperative HetNet Coexistence-Selected Advances on Spectrum Sensing, Learning, and Security Approaches (book I).





Editors: Maria Gabriella Di Benedetto (Sapienza University of Rome-Italy) and Faouzi Bader (Supélec-France).
Editorial: Signals and Communication Technology Series of Springer International Publishing (SIP), Copyright  © 2014.  ISBN 978-3-319-01402-9. January 2014 (with peer reviewed process per chapter).
Content Level: Research.
Number of Pages: 365.

Table of contents:
Recent Advances on Wide-band Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio.- Complexity of Spectrum Activity and its effect on Opportunistic Access.- Analysis and Optimization of Energy Detection for Non-Flat Spectral Characteristics.-Spectrum Sensing Algorithms for Cognitive White-Space Systems.- New Blind Free Bands Detectors Exploiting Cyclic Autocorrelation Function Sparsity.- Intersystem Coexistence and Cooperation Through Cognitive Control Channels.- Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Censoring of Cognitive Radios in Rayleigh Fading Under Majority Logic Fusion.- Medium Access Control in Cognitive Impulse Radio UWB networks.- Integration of Heterogeneous
Spectrum Sensing Devices Towards Accurate REM Construction.- Cellular Coverage Optimization: A Radio Environment Map for Minimization of Drive Tests.- Use of L earning, Game Theory and Optimization as Biomimetic Approaches for Self-Organization in Macro-Femtocell Coexistence – Detection of Primary user Emulation (PUE) Attacks Based on Cooperative Localization.- Cognition as a tool for Green Next generation Networks.- Testbeds.



[B1] Book title: Advances on Processing for Multiple Carrier Schemes: OFDM & OFDMA






Editors: F. Bader and N. Zorba.
Editorial: Computer Science Series, Technology and Applications. Nova Science Publishers © 2012. ISBN: 978-1-61470-634-2.
Content Level: Research.

Table of contents:
Introduction to Wireless Multi-Carrier Schemes, Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Issues for Pulse-Shaped Multi-carrier Modulations, Synchronization in OFDM Based Systems, Channel Estimation, Channel Coding and Equalization, Adaptive Modulation and Predistortion Techniques Over Nonlinear Fading Channels, Scheduling and Resource
Allocation, MIMO-OFDM Applications for Satellite Communications, Medium Access Control Layer, Performance Evaluation of Mobile WiMAX System, 3GPP-Lte Cellular System.